Terms and Conditions
My doctor time

  1. Mydoctortime.com is an online platform provides the appointment facility for healthcare practices and patients. Mydoctortime.com is proudly privately owned and developed company. These Terms of Service are prepared in accordance with local Indian laws but Mydoctortime.com may be used in other countries as Oman as well. My doctor time follows the local govt. regulations in which country it works.
  2. Mydoctortime.com is only a platform for patient to meet practitioners and hospitals online. Mydoctortime.com is no more responsible for the non-appointment/no show/ slought availability.
  3. The further communication after booking the appointment can be made through hospitals/clinics/Practitioners directly on the contact number provided on the confirmation report.Mydoctortime.com is not responsible for further cancellation or any time delay occurred.
  4. These Terms of Service deal with your use of Mydoctortime.com's platform and the legal basis on which it is provided. You must accept these terms to use Mydoctortime.com's platform before use.
  5. A healthcare practice that wishes to use the Mydoctortime.com platform must also enter a Service User Agreement with the Company in order to receive a license to use the Practice Services of Mydoctortime.com.
  6. The Company treats the confidentiality of its user's information seriously, and handles all personal information in accordance with Local privacy laws. Simply, we protect our Customers' information, not exploit it.

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